What is Direct Cremation?     top

DIRECT CREMATION means the deceased is in the care of the hospital while the necessary forms and certificates are completed and submitted for approval. It is usually possible to view the deceased at the hospital during this period.

At the appointed time the deceased is taken DIRECTLY to the crematorium. This keeps overheads down and means LOW COST for our clients.

With most low cost, direct cremations relatives and friends do NOT attend the actual cremation. This is indicated by phrases such as “private cremation” and “at a crematorium and time of our choice”.

This often causes disappointment and the low cost option to be rejected.

PARTICIPATION DIRECT CREMATION overcomes this objection. Relatives and friends are welcome to attend deciding which crematorium is used, the time and all other details. They may include a religious ceremony or make it a less formal and more friendly farewell.


What Service does Cremation-Low-Cost-Direct provide?     top

A cremation requires 3 different stages of organisation:

  1. Gathering the information and filling in all the forms the law requires before submitting them to the medical referee at the chosen crematorium. Liaising with both hospital and crematorium to ensure there are no delays.
  2. Transporting the deceased at the appointed time from the hospital to the crematorium to place the coffin in the chapel a short time before the service.
  3. The ceremony at the crematorium is decided by the family and, most often, is simply the exchange of memories and some music before the final farewell. This informal involvement can be both an emotional and very rewarding farewell.


How much does this type of cremation cost?     top

The only charge is £670 plus the Crematorium Fee.
There are no other charges.

Included are the cost of the coffin, the two doctors’ certificates (currently £147) and any additional requirements such as removal of a pacemaker. Later delivery of the ashes to the next-of-kin is also included.

The Crematorium Fee is decided by each Crematorium and varies considerably. Unfortunately many have recently increased their charges so the average in London has risen to £530 for a normal daytime appointment and very few remain under £500.

Cremation-Low-Cost-Direct has details of the current charges for most of the crematoria in Greater London and can still recommend one £50 less than the average.

It is also only 10 minutes from an Underground Station (Zone 3) and easily located by road. Another crematorium charges only half the average but for 9 am or 9.30 am appointments.

It is, therefore, possible for friends and relations to attend the cremation at a convenient time of day in London for £1150 ( £670 + £480) though a less expensive option of £920 (£670 +£250) is also available.
There are NO extra charges added to these fees.


Why should I choose Cremation-Low-Cost-Direct?     top

The main reasons are: Low Cost and Informality

Low Cost: A recent survey (Sept.2010) said the average cost of a cremation in UK is £2857. This is justified by the high overheads and services provided – the expensive hearse and limousines and usually six coffin-bearers etc.

Only clients can decide how essential these expenses are or if they are happy to make their own way to the crematorium and start their service with the coffin already in place.

For those eligible (e.g. receiving Housing Benefit or Income Support) the Social Fund will pay costs up to £700 plus the Crematorium Fee and this amount, therefore, fully covers our charges. But for many others this help is not available and it can be a real worry how to afford such a sudden and great expense.

We hope our low-cost option is worth consideration.

Informality: Many, and especially the elderly, say they do not want a lot of fuss and would be happy to have just a few friends and relations attending to say some kind words.

With most funerals, the arrival of the hearse and then six bearers bringing the coffin into the chapel establishes a very formal atmosphere which persists. With the coffin already in place, people are more instinctive and when they enter the empty chapel will go to the coffin, hold it and often speak directly to the deceased. A far friendlier and natural reaction to being with their loved-one. After some favourite music and exchange of memories most feel they have managed to be close and involved in this final farewell.


What area is covered?     top

Our base is in Central London so we offer our service to all parts of Greater London.

With our charges almost certainly the lowest in UK it seems fair that all Londoners, for once, should benefit from low cost.


How to contact?     top

John Davis
49 Moreton Terrace, London SW1V 2NS.

Phone: 0207 – 834 2529
Mobile: 07889 – 287 185

E-mail: john.davis@cremation-low-cost-direct.co.uk
Website: www.cremation-low-cost-direct.co.uk


What is the next step?     top

After a first phone call or e-mail, a meeting is most desirable as this will help you decide what is important for you and if you want us to help.

I can travel to see you and discuss – without, of course, any obligation to proceed.


A final few words.

Low cost is important but I hope our very individual and friendly approach also shows that we care for and respect both the deceased and the close relatives and friends at a difficult time.